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Mastercard Partners with Givepoint to Fundraise for Mental Health

By: Zakry Chami August 3, 2018

Mastercard Canada hosted their 3rd Annual 5th vs. 6th Employee Riff-off BBQ Event on August 1st, 2018 in support of The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

This event took place at 121 Bloor St. East in the courtyard beneath Mastercard Canada’s head office where Mastercard occupies the 5th and 6th floors of the building. Since 2016, Mastercard Canada has hosted this charitable event full of music, food, and fun as well as a live DJ battle or “riff-off” by two of the organization’s resident DJ’s; one from the 5th floor and another from the 6th floor. Attendees are asked for donations to attend the event with all proceeds being donated to CAMH.

According to one of the co-organizers of the event, Mastercard has only accepted cash donations at these charity events in the past. Unfortunately, they had no means of accepting debit and credit donations. Historically, attendees of the event were forced to head to the bank or an ATM to grab cash. This more than likely turned off some attendees who were on a time crunch for lunch from attending the event.
“Traditionally, we’ve always taken cash and we’re a card company! So it was really important for us to accept electronic donations as part of our event this year,”
explained one event co-organizer.


Mastercard partnered with Zomaron to provide the event with a Mastercard and CAMH co-branded Givepoint donation kiosk. The kiosk allowed attendees to donate the way they wanted; with their debit or credit cards, even with their mobile payment apps such as Android and Apple Pay. The donation took each donor under 10 seconds to complete with most using the NFC (or tap) functionality of their payment cards. One event co-organizer shared, “The feedback has been amazing. The experience was very easy, very quick; they loved it! They were happy they could pay with their cards.”


Over the course of the lunch hour, over $1565 was raised using the kiosk making for a significant increase to last year’s cash-only event. In the past, they had asked attendees to try and donate $15 each and that was usually the most they received. But this year, not only did the number of donors increase with Givepoint, but the average donation amount increased 60% from $15 to $24. This was likely due to the convenience and ease of touching a screen and tapping a credit card. 

IMG_2637 (1)

Zomaron President and CEO, Tarique Al-Ansari had some final words about the event, “We want to thank Mastercard for partnering with us and having Givepoint at their annual event. We’re very grateful for being part of a fun day for such an amazing cause. As it's our vision to advance electronic payments and digital donations, it is exciting to see firsthand how major card networks such as Mastercard share our passion and are in full support of helping charities find new ways to raise money in our cashless society.”

This internal Mastercard event can be used as an example for other organizations looking to increase their donations and instill a more convenient donating experience at their charity events.


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